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Form 2 All Star Concert

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Wednesday 30th January

The second of our 2018-19 concert series starred the dazzling Form 2 children. It was fantastic to see how much they have grown and developed their musical skills.

The event began with Emir singing ‘Haunted House on the Hill’. This was his first solo performance. He followed this by playing the theme tune from Harry Potter on the piano.

Eve and Milo played some drum solos and Milo played a couple of pieces on his trumpet. Peter surprised us all by playing ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ on his recorder. Kye G sang the lovely old fashioned song about a grandfather clock and played a piano solo.

Grenya delighted us with her harp playing. Aristea sang the lovely song  called ‘A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes’ accompanied by her father. She also played a piano piece. Ollie sang ‘La Cucaracha’ which is a Spanish song about a cockroach and he also played a piano piece. Eve sang ‘Zippa dee doo dah’ which everyone joined in with. Lily delighted us by singing ‘Far Blue Sea’. Freya sang ‘Ride on a Rainbow’. Lucy played ’Egyptian Level’, Zara played ‘A Day At The Carnival’ and Alexander played a difficult piece called ‘Minuet and Trio’.

Isaac K sang the manx song called ‘Traa dy Gholl dy Valley’ which means time to go home and demonstrated his guitar skills. More of our fantastic pianists came next. Emily A played ‘First Light’-Morning has broken, Elsa played ‘Movie Thriller’ and Amelie G played a lovely piece which we all enjoyed.

Flynt who played ‘Spring’ by Vivaldi and a lovely little piece called ‘Bouncers’ .

Grenya, Amelie G and Georgia sang ‘Over the Rainbow’ to end the fabulous Form 2 concert with and it was very fitting that everyone joined in by singing it at the end of what was a very splendid and varied concert. All in all there were twenty eight wonderful performances. 

Thank you to our parents who attended and the visiting music teachers, Miss Keggin and Mr Leach, who stayed and helped the children on this great occasion. For some it was their first ever performance in front of an audience.

Well done!  We are really looking forward to seeing and hearing your progress in Form 3.

Miss Mills (Head of Buchan Music)