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Form 1 All Star Concert

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What a talented bunch of Form 1's we have. They sang, played the recorder and even the cello!

Emily unfortunately could not stay but played her piano pieces to us all earlier. She played 'Allegro' both hands together at a steady pace followed by 'Circle Dance' which was beautifully played with a good strong left hand part.

Oskar began the concert by playing 'Marching Song' which he played well. Martin sang 'Lazy Sunday Afternoon and then 'Twinkle, Twinkle' on his cello. We can see and hear his confidence building up as he sang and played to us. The Form 1 members of the 'Boys' Choir' sang 'One Candle' with Jacob leading the singing and taking the leading part with Bob helping and the others singing their part. The 'Girls' Choir' sang all of their song 'Ribbons in the Sky'. I was very pleased at how well they all sang. Aidan and Martin sang the first part their Guild song called 'Hunt the Wren'

Ruby a delightful little piece called 'Shoo, Pussy, Shoo!' on her recorder. Max played 'Lightly Row' well on the piano followed by Juliet playing 'La Donna Mobile and singing 'Fairies Dance' with all the Guild soloists. John played two piano pieces, 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' and 'The Indian Song'.

Rosie played 'B I N G O' on the piano beautifully and Archie played 'Watercolours' using the pedal to sustain the notes which created a great atmosphere. He also played 'Circle Dance'. Frederick played 'A Little Bit of Ham' and 'Little River Flowing' on the piano well. Gigi sang the lovely little song 'Little April Showers'. Charlotte played 'Pound Like a Cat on the Mouse', 'Hug Like a Bear' and then a duet with myself called 'J'ai Du Bon Tabac'. Aidan sang 'The Frog' song which he really enjoys singing.

The final part of the concert began with Ruby singing 'Seagull'. She likes the song very much and sang well. Aidan played 'I Like You' on the piano and then the Grand Final was led by Miss Cain who had taught them all to sing a three part song which included 'Swing Low Sweet Chariot', 'Oh When The Saints' and 'I Wanna Sing I Wanna Dance'. It was wonderful to see Oscar and Jacob joining in along with Stella. We are looking forward to hearing Jacob playing the drums with the Form 1 band and doing a short solo at the 'Comic Relief' event on Friday 24th March.

Sue Mills (Head of Buchan Music)