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F2 All Stars

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The second in our concert series was perfectly performed by the Form 2 children.

There was great variety of performances ranging from singers, pianists, flautists, recorder, ukulel and Ptrumpet to electric guitar.

Our singers sang duets, in groups or accompanied by a friend on the piano.   Ophelia and Evie G-A began the concert with ‘My Favourite Things’.  After the duet we had a trio consisting of Francesca, Maddie and Millie Cr who sang ‘Land of the Silver Birch’.  Five super girls sang ‘Pirates’ together.  Maddie accompanied Ophelia while she sang ‘Circle Dance’.  Hanna and Jess sang ‘Orange and Yellow and Brown’.

The Form 2 pianists began with Evie G-A playing her own composition entitled ‘Go to sleep child’.  Maddie played ‘Snake Charmer’ with Jayden playing ‘Supercalifraglistic’.  Francesca enjoyed playing as much of ‘Egyptian Level’ as she had learnt to us.  Bradley played the same piece.  Ophelia played two short piano pieces ’Go to sleep’ and ‘Summer Evenings’.  Ella played the ‘New World Symphony’. Millie C played ‘Firefly’.

Mille Cr played ‘Heathens’, ‘Big Ben’ and then she was joined by Maddie who sang ‘Bingo’ whilst Mille Cr accompanied her on the piano.  Flo played two pieces, ‘Batter Up’ and ‘Merrily We Roll Along’.  Jake played a piano duet with me called ‘Prelude’ by Chopin. 

Hanna played ‘Hum Dinger Hoe Down’ on her recorder with Miss Kelly accompanying her and ‘Study in Green’ on her Flute.  Maddie also delighted us with her Flute playing and played ‘Clown Dance’.  Katie played ‘Hop tu naa’ on her recorder.

Arthur F bravely introduced us all to his Ptrumpet.  He played ‘Tea for Two’ and demonstrated playing C and D.  Alexander U also demonstrated his trumpet playing and played ‘Merrily We Roll Along’.

Sol who is learning the electric guitar played part of ‘Sweet Dreams’ by the Eurythmics.  Jake played ‘Havana’ on his ukulele.

Jess who has only had one piano lesson played ‘Frere Jaques’ on the piano to finish the concert.

Thank you to all the visiting music teachers for preparing them for the concert and especially to Mrs Keggin Gell for coming to help with all the accompanying of her pupils.  I did mention that we might not be needed to play in the future as we have some very budding accompanists and arrangers of the programme of events as well!

My goodness how brave some of the performers were.  They have to be congratulated as for some it was there first performance in front of a large supportive audience of parents, friends and teachers.  Some pupils have only been learning their instrument/s for a few weeks.  What a Fantastic Variety of instruments and performances we had.  There are more budding brass players and drummers who did not play today but came and listened and supported their friends.  We hope to hear them in the future.  Well done!

Congratulations Form 2 Super Stars!