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F1 All Stars

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What a super occasion. F1 pupils gave a fabulous concert to friends and parents. They have certainly come on since their last performances in Pre-Prep. For some pupils it was their first ever performance in front of an audience. Each pupil gave a bow at the end as well!

The concert began with our violinist Shelton who played two of his Grade 2 pieces. Our pianists were Bradley who played the James Bond theme tune and ‘Arioso’, Millie C played ‘Hammering’, Millie Cr played ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Francesca played ‘Frere Jacques’ and Maddie ‘Egyptian Level’. Ophelia played three pieces, ‘Big Ben’, ‘Hoe Down’ and ‘Sunlight Through The Trees’. Jayden played two piano solos, ‘The Zoo’ and ‘Tongue Twister’.

Maddie sang ‘Ride on a Rainbow’, Millie Cr and Jess sang ‘Lavenders Blue’ together. Millie Cr sang ‘Sing a Rainbow’ and Francesca sang the popular song by Janis Joplin entitled ‘Big Yellow Taxi’.

Katie was our only recorder player and she chose to play ‘Frere Jacques’. Sol and Shelton sang one of their Guild songs called ‘Clever Chameleon’. Ophelia and Maddie played a tune called ‘Little C and D March’ on their pBone trombones and Euan, Millie C sang part of ‘A Million Dreams’ with Millie Cr playing the chorus on the piano along with them.

Well done F1 what a very varied concert we had the pleasure of listening to.

We are looking forward to hearing your progress next year.