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Essential eSafety at The Buchan School

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The Buchan School held its annual Safer Internet Day recently with a focus on personal profiles and online presence.

Pupils from years three to six at the Castletown school routinely follow an eSafety programme as part of their ICT education which, in addition to the annual day-long event, includes discrete eSafety lessons, discussions and wider considerations during thematic studies.

On Safer Internet Day, which took place before the school moved all of its teaching online, teaching staff and children explored themes of eSafety in the real world. including personal safety, online profiles, trust, and how to get help if you need it.

Head of the Buchan School Janet Billingsley-Evans said:

‘Esafety requires a whole school approach involving pupils, parents, staff, governors and outside agencies. We need to teach children the skills to stay safe online and it is a collective responsibility. I am grateful to Mr Macnair (Head of ICT at The Buchan School) and the Isle of Man Constabulary for arranging this event which will allow our pupils to further their understanding and make informed choices when using internet technologies.’

Mr Macnair added:

‘The internet is an amazing place to learn, be creative and chat with friends, but it’s essential that we try to stay safe and be respectful to others to get the best out of it. The advice we offer to pupils is to not post anything personal online, such as your address, email address or mobile number, think carefully before posting pictures or videos of yourself, keep your privacy settings high, never give out passwords and don’t befriend people you don’t know.’