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Colin Hampson's Retirement

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What can I say about Colin? He was Mr. Buchan.

Colin joined KWC in March 1984, leaving to work at the Buchan School in July 1989, with the two schools amalgamating in 1991. I'm might be wrong with some of these but, I think he said he has seen 6 Bursars, 8 Principals and, with Janet being appointed Buchan Head the day before he left, 7 Heads.

In his 32 years (27 at Buchan) he has a wealth of knowledge about the school which will be sorely missed. If you needed to know where something was, Colin would know. He was a great recycler and had a treasure trove of items in his shed that had been taken out of school over the years, but, these treasures would inevitably be "just the job" for something years later. A lot of his maintenance repairs would be done using items from his store. "I found a spare one of those" or "I've still got one of those" were familiar quotes. He was also known for his very amusing anecdotes which he would entertain the maintenance staff with.

Have a wonderful retirement!