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Buchan perform at KWC House Music

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The Chamber Choir were invited to perform during the intermission at the King William’s College annual House Music Competition held at the Villa Marina.  It was the first time all King William’s pupils had been together for the competition. 

They watched the older children perform as soloists or in groups and choirs. They had fun trying to pick the winners from all the houses.   The Form 4 pupils who were not in the choir were invited to watch the event in order to know what is expected when they move up to KWC next year.

The choir sang ‘Turn, Turn’ which is a round about the sails going round on a windmill and the stones grinding the wheat into flour and everyone celebrating the harvest.  This was followed by more harvest themed songs.

The choir enjoyed singing to a very receptive audience of senior pupils and their family members and parents and friends from the Buchan.  They had had a long wait before they performed and behaved exceptionally well and were a credit to the school with their performance.  I am sure that they along with the Form 4’s will remember this occasion fondly and we wish the Form 4’s all the very best when they are involved in the Senior House Music Competition next year.  They will all know exactly what is expected and I am sure that they will do the school proud.

Sue Mills

Head of Buchan Music