Buchan Badge

The Buchan Badge programme gives the opportunity to study an enhanced curriculum, combined with the opportunity to learn new skills. It encompasses and reflects the ideals of the well established and respected extra curricular programmes such as ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ and ‘Round Square’.

The programme promotes the development of vital key skills. It provides learning opportunities which encourage pupils to investigate, create, develop, evaluate and communicate. 

Buchan Badge is taught in modules that last six weeks to provide a wide and varied curriculum. At the end of each module there is an opportunity for parents to come and watch an informal ‘show and tell’ presentation. The children also receive a certificate outlining the objectives and skills that they have achieved. In the case of the Drama module, the presentation is usually a performance on stage or the big screen! 

The children look forward to their ‘Buchan Badge Day’ and always head home with a smile on their face and, if they have been cooking, a box full of tasty treats.

The Modules may change from time to time as they follow the interests, skill sets and passions of the staff at the Buchan. We have been able to offer:

Theatre Arts enable the pupils to learn performance skills in small groups.  The children enjoy a relaxed situation where they feel comfortable enough to lose any inhibitions and develop their speaking, listening and drama skills.  The groups have produced some excellent performances worthy of the West End and have recently produced several highly entertaining short films, which can be found on You Tube under Buchan School.

During Outdoor Skill pupils explore the great outdoors – orienteering, survival, making dens, conservation of nature all in our own wonderful wooded grounds.

Cooking knowledge is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Food groups and food choices are studied and the children have the weekly opportunity to plan, prepare and cook. They become familiar with the utensils used in the kitchen and the health and safety issues linked with them. The smells from the Home Economics room on Tuesdays and Thursdays are sometimes just too good!

Nautical Awareness provides an opportunity to learn more about the environment that we live in. Being surrounded by the sea it is a course that develops our appreciation and understanding of the coastlines, sea and shores. Topics vary from rock pooling, sea shore safety, studying basking sharks to kayaking (Year 5) sailing itself (Year 6).  Nautical offers a wide range of activities appropriate to each age group. There are frequent visits to the beach and places such as the RNLI stations.

Exploring Language has been a recent success story. The children have had the opportunity to learn Mandarin in their six week module. They have not only learnt how to speak Mandarin but write it and learn about the people and culture. The children have loved it!

Enterprise and Textiles have been taught in the past and may make a return. The enterprise unit built upon the skills necessary in our ever changing society. Enterprise gave the pupils an opportunity to form small groups/companies and to work as a team to deliver a service or produce and market a product. Team work, innovation and problem solving was essential. Textiles was a small after school slot where the children had the opportunity to learn how to sew, knit and make different crafts.

The Buchan Badge is ever evolving, but the one thing remains the same, it is a favourite subject area for many of our pupils.

They learn, they have fun, they always want to go back. children love this school.

James P