Each topic of Art or Design taught begins with an academic history and theory of art module, followed by a practical topic based scheme. Pupils learn how to design, create, critique and appreciate Art. Art and Design is taught from P2 to Form 4.

Topics undertaken include, 3D chair design, Still life and allegory, Life drawing, printing, fashion design, surrealism, pointillism, collaging, an 'Homage to Andy Warhol', pop art, jewellery design, sketching, painting, model making, photography, sculpture, ceramics and printing. Pre prep children learn composition and perspective, depth of field, puppet making, weaving, mural design, clay sculpture, self- portraiture and printing. Pupils are taught to be 'art detectives' in order to evaluate, question, visually dissect and appreciate all types of art and design.

Eco Warriors

Buchan Eco Warriors are members of Form 4 and Form 3 and are pupils who have been selected to be the school's Eco Warriors for a year.

Their duties and responsibilities include: recycling all the waste paper from classrooms, watering and weeding plants, litter collection, feeding wild birds, building and maintaining bird boxes, Insect Hotels and hedgehog houses to encourage wildlife to flourish in and around school grounds. Organic waste from the staffroom is also composted and goes to 'feed' the school's vegetable garden. Pupils are regularly encouraged to attend Beach Buddies.

Each Eco Warrior is formally recognised and given a special award at Founder's Day.

Buchan Badge Arts Enterprise

Arts Enterprise is part of the Buchan Badge, pupils learn how to set up a business, produce a bespoke handmade product, work out costs and profit margins, then advertise and sell the products. All the profits are donated to animal charities. Buchan Badge has produced so far: framed prints and self- portraits, glass and button jewellery, Christmas decorations, marbled bookmarks, teacup herb gardens, tea light holders, mosaic trivets and magazine pencil holders among others. Our button bracelets appeared on the catwalk at London Fashion Week 2015!

Art Club

Art Club takes place on Tuesdays. Pupils use a variety of mediums to create wearable art outfits, hand printed wallpapers, decoupage boxes, organic pattern making, T-shirt printing and craftwork as well as the more traditional arts pursuits of painting and sketching. Local and national art competitions are regularly entered where we have had a fantastically successful track record.

They learn, they have fun, they always want to go back. children love this school.

James P