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Boarding Trip to Manchester

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The Manchester trip was organised by Miss Winstanley and Mr Laiz-Rubio. The trip was for boarders to do some Christmas shopping and experince some local entertainment. 17 boarders signed up for this 3-day 2-night experience.

My take - Stefan Fong 
As crazy as it seems, Manchester is amazing! The moment I set foot into the city centre on the second day, the city's concrete jungle in front of my eyes turned into a jungle of paradise! Despite that the cold, the warm colours of Christmas decorations and the people's spirit of joy warmed my soul and filled me with sheer happiness!

On public footpaths lie Christmas villages! Shops and stands, designed and displayed as mini winter wooden cabins, stretched across the vast landscape. These cabins practically sell everything you can possibly think of, including ornaments, clothes, decorations and Christmas food! Christmas lights link the shops together and effectively lightens up the crowded atmosphere, creating a sensational feeling of uniqueness!

Later that night, we took a visit to the ice cavern, where we saw an abundance of handcrafted ice sculptures, detailed in every inch! Surprisingly enough, some were even as big as my bedroom in Colbourne! Following the visit was ice skating, and apart from the fact that people did topple down like dominoes under the slippery ice, I enjoyed this winter sport a lot!

However, in my opinion, the highlight of this trip for me was a visit to the Manchester football museum! As a Manchester United fan, seeing all the historical records of my favourite sport really was an experience of a lifetime!

Overall, I am very satisfied with this trip! Not a single moment was wasted and just thinking about the amount of time required to set up these Christmas facilities just makes me appreciate this experience even more! If there is another opportunity, I will not necessitate, because this is indeed a time to unwind and relax as well as a time to prepare for Christmas!

Manchester Trip – by Alena Priadko
The trip to Manchester with King William's College was memorable and relaxing. During the trip, the purpose of which was to socialize and explore new things, we visited many places and tried to feel the city from inside. As time went by on this trip, we were able to feel the spirit of Christmas.

These feelings were received from the very first evening in the city. Initially, on the way to the hotel, we could see the developed infrastructure of the city, with express trains, steam locomotives, factories, and so on. It felt like we were in the industrial capital of Great Britain. On the second day, we were shown the heart of Manchester - the main streets, shops, museums and cafes. Walking through these streets, you feel like something more - part of one whole. On the other hand, there was a lot of fun. Many people came out with full packages from the stores, others were inspired by the varied cuisine of Manchester; but what I can say for sure is that absolutely everyone enjoyed skating, an ice cave and the Christmas market.

The whole city was filled with the atmosphere of the holiday, which made me incredibly happy. The day ended with a collective dinner in a restaurant, which allowed us to get in touch with everyone.

Having walked 17 km on the second day, on the third day we could not walk so much, so we went to a huge shopping center - intu Trafford Center. This building seemed to be the whole world - the colonies of shops, two-story food courts, a cinema, a bowling alley and others made an impression of the city inside the city - every part of it was tested.

We finished the day with the whole group at the hotel and went to the airport, where we said bye to Arnold and flew back to school.

In general, this trip was fascinating, showed many aspects: social (communication), economic (development, infrastructure), historical, aesthetic (Christmas decorations) and entertainment. I was very impressed and I am grateful to every person who organized this trip!