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The Boarders trip to Bristol & Bath

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Friday 01.12.17 - After everyone ate dinner, the boarders coming to the trip started packing up and getting ready for the trip. We all met in front of Colbourne to take the minibus to the airport. It went all pretty quickly and then we all sat on the plane. Everyone sat next to someone they knew and without even noticing we eventually arrived in Bristol. A coach took us to the hotel and after finally arriving there, we could choose with whom we wanted to share a room with. Since it was already late we all just went to bed straight away and waited for the next day to come.

Saturday 02.12.17 - At 8.00 we all ate some breakfast in the hotel and an hour later we made our way to the train station. We took the train to Bath and the journey only lasted for about 20 minutes. The first thing we did there was a city centre tour and then we had some free time. The students had to stay in groups of three so I decided to explore the city with two other girls from boarding. To get some energy we ate something and then we made our way to do some shopping and to visit the beautiful Christmas market. The city was actually quite busy but the smell of the mulled wine and the chestnuts was marvellous.

In the evening we took the train back to Bristol and had about an hour to get some rest at the hotel. To be honest I was quite excited about the next activity: ice skating. The ice rink was a bit crowded but it was still a lot of fun and of course, tiring. So we went to the ZaZa Bazaar for dinner which was really nice as well. After the meal, some of us went to the Christmas market in Bristol where we had some cotton candy and crêpes. Then we returned to the hotel at around 10.00 pm and got some sleep.

Sunday 03.12.17 - After eating some breakfast we visited the New Bristol Museum ‚Mshed' which was quite fascinating and interesting. Then we wandered around Bristol looking for paintings of Banksy. Following that, we had some more free time where we could do some Christmas shopping, visit the Christmas market or just relax in a restaurant. Unfortunately, we had to come back by 3.00pm because we had to return to the hotel. And then it was the same thing all over again with the coach, airport, plane, landing, minibus, and last but not least school.

All in one it was an amazing and lovely trip. The three teachers that accompanied us were really enthusiastic and nice. I think that the boarders that came on the trip bonded more and of course we had a lot of fun. The things I wrote in this text are a bit superficial but the trip was something unforgettable that I wish we could do again sometime.

Clara Galid U5