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Baptism and Confirmation

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We marked a very special season in the Calendar, last Friday. Candlemas is the day of presentation of the infant Jesus in the Temple a fitting season for the faithful candidates for Baptism and Confirmation to be presented to the Bishop for Baptism. 

In their journey of faith it was a milestone, the opportunity to publicly declare their faith.

It was the culmination of much preparation, including their Pilgrimage, Quiet Evening and other opportunities to explore their growing trust in God.

Arwen presented to the Bishop by her sister, while Luke presented by his brother, for their Baptism, and marked with the sign of the cross.

Then with Jaime, Rachel, Theo and Celize their faith was confirmed with the laying on of hands by the Bishop each anointed with oil and prayed for their future in Jesus’ name.

Finally each received a lighted candle and was sent out to be lights in the world.

This great service was a fitting time to close the Chapel for work to be carried out.

Bishop Peter prayed for all of the community at the beginning of our strange Exodus from our beloved Chapel and into Kings Court Theatre.

Reverend Erica - Chaplain