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My time in Hong Kong with Strix

Posted in Alumni News

This summer I took the trip of a lifetime to Hong Kong. It was a destination I had always wanted to go, so when the opportunity rose, I knew I had to grasp it with both hands. 

I arrived on Saturday and started work on the following Tuesday. This allowed me time to explore what was my new home for the first time. I took this time to fully explore the main island of Hong Kong and visit as many local restaurants as I could in an attempt to become fully accustomed to the culture.

I had been looking forward to starting work as it was a new field for me. I had never done business analytics before so was a little nervous to take on important work in this new field. Fortunately for me Catherine and the team were there to support me throughout my time in Hong Kong. Their support allowed me to assist them fully. I took on tasks such as creating sales reports and generating holiday data which could be used to calculate productivity and efficiency across Strix’s business. My time at Strix also allowed me to travel to Guangzhou. This was extremely valuable for me and was to a country I never thought I’d have the opportunity to visit. I found the job challenging but extremely rewarding and would like to thank everyone at Strix for helping and making me feel very welcome.

In an attempt to meet other people, I decided to join the local rugby club. This turned out to be a brilliant decision as it meant I was with other like-minded people around the same age to me.  The majority of my free time was spent at the club or with members of the club. It meant it was easy for me to make friends and really call Hong Kong home for the time I was there. I even went to Bangkok on a rugby tour.

The protests in Hong Kong, which continue to this day, were a big part of my time there. As I study politics at university, I took particular interest in them and would go and watch from a distance. I was able to better understand why tensions were so high and was interested to meet a large number of Pro China supporters.

My time in Hong Kong flew by and before I knew it, it was time to return home. It was an amazing way to spend my summer and I wish it could have been longer. I would like to thank both KWC and Strix for giving me this amazing opportunity and would encourage anyone considering the experience to apply.

Dominic Long (W, 2008-2016)