Mentoring Programme

King William's College and The Buchan School's alumni and parents have always provided an excellent source of career advice for our young alumni - last year we had 24 individuals representing 18 professions at our Fifth Form Careers Fair. We would like to further develop this through a robust Mentoring Programme and an exciting new Internship Scheme.

The Mentoring Programme will give current students and alumni the opportunity to receive practical advice, experience and networking opportunities. This does not just benefit younger OKWs, who are entering the world of work, but also alumni who are looking at changing career or profession and are looking for guidance.

We hope that alumni in all stages of their professional lives will volunteer to act as mentors and aid others with:

If you would be happy to become a mentor please contact us at

"I have received values from my family and people I surrounded myself, with but nonetheless the real and genuine values that I believed are true to myself were formed during my time at College."