The School Shop stocks a range of School memorabilia and gifts. For more details about the products that are on offer, please contact the Shop at or +44(0)1624  820464.


OKW City Silk Tie - £18.00 


OKW Country Silk Tie - £18.00 



Cufflinks, Buttons and Pins

KWC Cufflinks - £32.99


KWC Crest Blazer Buttons: Large - £3.00     Small - £2.00


KWC/Buchan Lapel Pin - £9.99


A series of notecards featuring artwork by local artist Tracey Dean are available at £2.50 each.


The World's Most Difficult Quiz Book by Pat Cullen- £9.99

A Blessing to this Island by Mike Hoy - £15.00

Isaac Barrow - His Life and Legacy by Mike Hoy - £12.00


Old Yourself, One Day The personal memoirs of Sir Peter Downward - £25.00

“OKWs around the world share a common background of having spent some of the most memorable times together on the Isle of Man. Those memories and values we share due to our time at King William’s College are unique.”