Alumni Internship Scheme

Three Month Work Placement in Hong Kong

Our Internship Scheme offers a unique opportunity for a young alumnus to gain valuable skills and work experience during a three month work placement with Strix in their Hong Kong office.

Working alongside Strix's Senior Business Analyst, the intern will work on multiple key projects, increase skill levels across a number of disciplines and, equally as important, enjoy the unique experience of living and working within Hong Kong and its diverse and multi-cultural environment.

Strix is at the forefront of development, manufacture and sales of safety control systems for small domestic appliances and filtration systems for filter kettles, fridge jugs and chilled water units, offering first-class quality and value to their customers across the world. Their global market share of the kettle safety control industry is 38 per cent. Strix retains its international presence with its head office in the Isle of Man and offices across the United Kingdom, China and Hong Kong. The Company employs over 800 people worldwide, selling its products in over 100 countries around the world.




Do I need to complete an application form?

There is no application form to complete. Applicants will be asked to provide a CV, referees and letter of application.

When will I hear about an interview?

All applications will be reviewed after the closing date and shortlisted candidates will then be contacted with an interview date and time.  We will also contact applicants who have not been successful with feedback.

Will I need to come to KWC for the interview?

We understand that many of our alumni are living and studying off Island so conduct all interviews online.

What date will the Internship start?

We will work with the successful applicant and Strix to find a start date that will work for everyone.

If you have any further questions please contact +44 (0) 1624 820470 or

Past Interns' Experience

The Internship Scheme was launched in 2017 and Oliver Mealin (OKW 2001-2015) was first ever recipient.

It was an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I have worked on and contributed to various projects, both within teams and on my own. These projects have been presented to Strix and are used within the company today. I have been a part of international conference calls between Strix employees and external parties and even had the opportunity to be involved and experience a company floatation on the London Stock Market. Coupled with visiting the Strix factory in China, it has allowed me to obtain a much wider perspective of how an international company operates.

Everything I did contributed to a truly captivating working environment where Strix values its interns and entrusts them with important tasks which contribute to the running of the company, as opposed to simply creating work to keep an intern busy.

I have hiked up mountains next to skyscrapers, visited historic Temples and monuments and been able to explore other south-east Asian countries over a weekend break. I sampled and enjoyed a huge variety of foods from the east and made new friends and lifelong contacts from all over the world including Hong Kong, China and America.

Our 2018 Intern was Thomas Dutnall (OKW 2010-2017).

Working for Strix has opened up my eyes. So far in my life I have only experienced business operations through textbooks and teachers but it has been fantastic to put all my past studying from King William's College and The University of Manchester into practical situations.

Catherine has been amazing and explains the reasons behind all the projects I work on and why they are important to the business. This has allowed me to feel like a part of the company.

Hong Kong has been amazing. I have always wanted a chance to experience Eastern Asia and its culture and it is safe to say Hong Kong has exceeded my expectations. I find it amazing that one minute you can find yourself battling your way through the crowded streets and then the next in a secluded, forgotten temple. 


Our 2019 Intern was Dominic Long (2008-2016)

“Catherine and the team were there to support me throughout my time in Hong Kong. Their support allowed me to assist them fully and I took on tasks which could be used to calculate productivity and efficiency across Strix’s business. I found the job challenging but extremely rewarding and would like to thank everyone at Strix for helping and making me feel very welcome. I would encourage anyone considering this experience to apply.”

"I have received values from my family and people I surrounded myself, with but nonetheless the real and genuine values that I believed are true to myself were formed during my time at College."