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IB Results 2020

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It is only the very start of the holiday but the IB results were published this afternoon and I am pleased to report another successful year.

The exams the Upper Sixth would have sat back in May were of course cancelled and this year’s results have been based instead on the students’ Internal Assessments (coursework), predictions and the IB Organisation’s statistical analysis.  Interestingly the difference between the students’ mock results and final results is almost identical to usual (it’s actually a little bit higher than in the past) and the results overall seem to be broadly fair.

This year’s average is 31.2.  To put that into context it is similar to an offer from a university such as Birmingham.  At the top of the year both Mia Hall and Noon Khalil achieved an outstanding 42 points out of a maximum of 45 whilst only just behind were Anna Blayney, Jess Clucas, Lisa Douglas and Eve Wiltcher. 

As pleasing were the results lower down in the year group.  There was a wide range of abilities in this cohort but out of a total of 51 students only three fell short of the 24 points needed for the Diploma to be awarded.  Some students had initially hesitated about taking on the IB but by putting in the effort they made a real success of it demonstrating once again that the Diploma is not just for the most able.

The university picture looks extremely strong and most students are straight into their first choice.  Many congratulations go to Head of School Jess Clucas who will be reading Psychology and Linguistics at Pembroke College, Oxford; Anna Blayney who will be studying Medicine at Bristol; and Noon Khalil who has confirmed her place for Law at LSE.  We also have students going to universities in Europe and North America and a number of the year group have chosen to take a gap year.

Congratulations to all of the students.  I am very pleased that in this most extraordinary of years their effort and hard work has paid off.  Can I also thank my colleagues in the Common Room for the support they have given the students and particular thanks go to Lauren Hewes, Anya Morgans and the tutors who have guided the students through the complexities of the university application process.  That work is ongoing and we are currently in touch with universities to support the students in their applications.

An excellent start to the summer and we hope that we have similar success when the GCSE/IGCSE results are published in August.

May I wish you a happy Tynwald Day!

Best wishes,    

Joss Buchanan