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IB Results 2019

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It is still only the first week of the holiday but the IB results - which are always published very early in the summer on 6th July - came out this afternoon and I am pleased to report another successful year.

Our overall average was 32.6 points. To put that into context 33 points could be an offer from Birmingham, Lancaster or Liverpool universities. Given that this was one of our larger year groups with 55 students in total we were pleased to achieve such a strong overall score.
Six students achieved 40 points or more out of a maximum score of 45. That is a huge achievement. Particular congratulations go to Louisa Burton who scored 43 points, Louis Scott who scored 42 points and Molly Gibson and Charlie Yau who both scored 41 points.
With a broad range of abilities in the year group we were also very pleased with the results lower down in the cohort. Only three students fell short of the 24 points needed for the Diploma to be awarded. Some students had initially hesitated about taking on the IB but by putting in the effort they made a real success of it and it demonstrates once again that the Diploma is not just for the most able. 
The university picture is excellent. 70% of the students have already had their places at their first choice of university confirmed and this will go up further over the next few days. The fashion is currently for the North East and Scotland and we have, for example, four students going to Durham, five to York and five to Edinburgh. The range of subjects is as broad as ever ranging from Dentistry and Radiography to Fine Art and Music.
My congratulations go to all of the students - and not least to those boys on tour in New Zealand who received their results at 01.45 in the morning! I am very pleased that their hard work paid off and with such strong results they now have a firm basis for their undergraduate studies. I would also like to thank my colleagues in the Common Room for all the support they gave the students and particular thanks to the Sixth Form team, led by Anya Morgans, who have guided the students through the complexities of the university application process. That work is ongoing and we are currently in touch with universities to support the students in their applications.

An excellent start to the summer and we hope that we have similar success when the GCSE/IGCSE results are published in August.

I wish you and your families a relaxing and very enjoyable holiday.