Development Projects

The Barrovian Foundation's aim is to support an effective and far reaching maintenance programme and support projects that enhance the educational offering King William's College and The Buchan School provide, in order to enrich our students' lives.

Over the last five years the support of our donors and partners has allowed us to provide first class facilities and resources for our students through the following projects:

The King's Court Theatre

In 2014 donations allowed us to complete the installation of an efficient adjustable seating system in King's Court Theatre (formerly known as Big School).  This system has made the space more flexible and better suited to the needs of the KWC and Buchan students who use it.

A projection system has been installed allowing the Theatre to host live screenings of productions by the Royal Shakespeare Company, National Theatre, Royal Opera House and Royal Ballet.  This project was partially funded by the generous donation given by Nicholas Kitto (OKW 1968-1972) and his family.

In 2017 lift facilities were installed in the Theatre thanks to significant financial support from the Manx Lottery Trust and Friends of King William's College.  This not only increases access to the Theatre for the public who attend screenings and productions, but also provides valuable access to the Barrovian Hall, enabling current and past parents, friends and alumni to attend events which otherwise would have been inaccessible to them.

Pre-Prep Playground

The outdoor area in Pre-Prep has been upgraded with some fantastic new equipment, thanks to donations received from alumni, parents and friends.  Pupils now enjoy a specially handcrafted wooden train with carriages and theatrical stage area, in addition to a pirate ship, Tuff Spot bench and large outdoor blackboard.  This equipment allows pupils to role play, develop their knowledge of different topics and be socially active.

History Department Laptops

A class set of laptops have been purchased for the History Department at KWC.  These are used by students to access interactive resources for research and extension work and enable easier collaborative working, without having to leave the classroom.

Religious Studies Resources

The Religious Studies Department aims to give students an awareness of major beliefs and practices, along with encouraging them to critically engage with these teachings.  In 2017 donations were used to assemble a stock of religious related items and artefacts from six major religions that allow students to see and experience these things for themselves.

The Buchan Library

The Friends at Buchan (FAB) parents group are huge supporters of the Buchan.  One of their recent projects in Autumn 2017 was the refurbishment of the Buchan Library.  Pupils can now comfortably relax with a book on a variety of bean bags, cushions or take a seat on one of two funky sofas. The refurbishment has been a welcome improvement to provide a cosy hub to the centre of the School.

Bursary Provision

The diversity of our student body gives the School its unique identity.  Over the last five years over £80,000 has been donated to support Bursaries and Scholarships for talented pupils, who would not otherwise be able to join our community.

The Downward Memorial Lecture

Major General Sir Peter Downward (OKW 1936-1941) was an outstanding alumnus and keen supporter of College.  He sadly passed away in 2014 and since 2015, in recognition of his love for his old school, Sir Peter's family generously fund an annual lecture that forms part of the Sixth Form lecture series.  The 'Downward Memorial Lecture' allows students to hear from leading speakers from the fields of Science and International Relations, two of Sir Peter's primary interests.  Speakers have included Sir Peter's son Professor Julian Downward, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE and Greg Whyte OBE.

The Buchan Science Lab

In 2015 FAB partnered with the School to transform the Science Laboratory at the Buchan.  The lab was refurbished with new workbenches, sinks and gas taps, as well as an interactive Smart Board, projector and visualiser.  New equipment was purchased, including microscopes, anatomical models, a new planetarium model, light ray boxes, data loggers and much, much more.  The refurbished lab was opened by Rush Comaish, who taught Science at the Buchan for a number of years.

Science Equipment at KWC

The Science Department at KWC has also benefitted from donations. Following the 2015 Telephone Campaign, funds raised were used to purchase new equipment, including a gas analyser, cardio and respiratory equipment, centripetal motion apparatus and a projectile launcher.  These are used by pupils throughout the School, but are particularly beneficial for Sixth Form International Baccalaureate students doing scientific Extended Essays.

The Kitto Studio

Nicholas Kitto (OKW 1968-1972) and his family have generously supported the Arts at College in celebration of his and other family members' time here, including his grandfather John "Jack" Kitto (OKW 1905-1911), who was Head of Dickson and a member of the 1st XV.  His donation provided funds to equip the Art Department with new resources, including an excellent A1 photographic printer, and funded an annual photography prize.

In 2015, as part of a joint project with Friends of KWC, the College renovated the space on the ground floor of the Art Department.  The new space is used by all age groups during teaching, as well an exhibition area for students and visiting artists. It has been named The Kitto Studio in recognition of the support of the Kitto family.  We were pleased to welcome Mr Kitto to KWC later that year to see the studio and meet L6 pupil Felix Pooth, who designed its doors.

"The friendships I formed at College (with the teachers as well as other students) have a very special thing about them."