The Barrovian Foundation

The Barrovian Foundation, launched in October 2007, is named after Bishop Barrow, the Founder of King William’s College.  It is a registered charity in the Isle of Man (number 1004) and in the UK (number 1157260).  The Foundation exists to encourage ongoing involvement in the development of King William’s College and The Buchan School and its ongoing efforts are, and will continue to be, directed at the education and development needs of the School.

The Foundation’s priorities are to find funding for major projects outlined in the School’s Development Plan and to establish an effective and far reaching maintenance programme.  To do this, we need to raise significant funds and are looking to increase the proportion of money raised through annual donations, as well as building and capitalising on the database of alumni, parents and Friends of KWC and the Buchan who have a life-long interest in sustaining the core principles of the School and securing its future. 

The Trustees firmly believe that the Foundation is more than just a means to raising funds.  It aims to act as a catalyst to re-establish past friendships and to renew contacts with the School, as well as to bring in new friends to join the School community.

My years at the Buchan benefited me for the rest of my life – so many experiences, good and bad, opportunities and standards set.

Buchan Old Girl