An education begins in the classroom but does not end there. The pursuit of academic excellence is at the core of what we do. Teaching is about passion, communication and, above all, a love of one’s subject. An insight into the young mind also helps. Learning is not just about the induction of knowledge, but about learning how to learn. A good lesson is about imparting enthusiasm and arming children with the tools to teach themselves. And all this is rather crudely but vitally measured by exams and grades.

Important as the academic side is, there is another dimension to a rounded education: the opportunities outside the classroom, The Other Half, if you like. Man is a social animal. Knowledge is vital, but so too are confidence, communication and character. Learning how to lead, how to contribute and how to build. Taking the odd risk too. These skills will stand you in very good stead. Whether it is a concert, a play, a debate, a trek or a match does not matter much. What matters is participation and a willingness to try something new.

There is a vast array of opportunity at College to try new challenges. The twin pillars of the CCF and the Duke of Edinburgh scheme are the flagships. But there is plenty more, I hope this prospectus, will inform and inspire.