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Academic Enrichment

Our aim of enriching the academic experience of all our students is at the core of our programmes for Academic Enrichment.

Bragg Society
Named after our Nobel-Prize winner, Sir William Henry Bragg, who was a magnificent all-rounder at KWC in the late 19th century, the Bragg Society aims to encourage debate and discussion, welcoming provocative guest speakers and a range of events relevant to all subject areas. Our highest-fliers are invited at the start of their Sixth Form career to join.

For our younger students, there is an opportunity to explore philosophical issues and problem-solving through a range of activities and discussions.

Every subject department is involved in competitive events such as Salter’s Chemistry Festival and the Middle 5 Science Fair, Maths Challenges, the Isle of Man Linguistics Olympiad, the Hall-Caine Writing competition and Christopher Tower poetry competition. While we are delighted when our students win prizes, we also celebrate their commitment to participating in opportunities to extend their own knowledge and understanding of a favourite subject area.

Debating & Public Speaking
We hold an annual inter-schools Debate Day for our younger students, as well as House Debating across all age ranges as well as participating in local and regional public speaking events such as the Rotary Competition and the Thomas Cranmer competition.

Subject Clinics
Every department holds a range of subject clinics, aimed mainly at exam classes for those studying IGCSE and IB. Some students will be asked to attend regularly, others will be able to drop in and out for advice and support on a more ad hoc basis.

Additional Educational Needs
King William's College welcomes students of all abilities, but we do provide support and guidance for those with specific learning issues. As with subject clinics, some students are asked to attend regularly, while others may attend lunch-time clinics as and when they particularly need support or a calm environment.

English as an Additional Language
We offer catch-up clinics and classes for students in the Fifth and Sixth Form, and encourage our students to participate in activities where they will have the opportunity to listen and speak in English. 

Sixth form here is like no other sixth form and that is not just because of the International Baccalaureate Diploma. It’s the way we are treated like adults, have plenty of freedom and are trusted.

U6 Student