School House - girls

Susie Parry - Housemistress

Susie Parry is Housemistress to School House. Susie studied Information Graphic design at Nottingham Trent University and spent over 10 years in retail graphics and packaging management roles in the UK. She gained her PGCE in 1995 at Nottingham Trent University, initially teaching in state schools in Nottinghamshire. She teaches Design and Technology, Art and Learning Support.

Susie is married to Clwyd, who is Head of Design and Technology, they have 3 children Rufus, Lois and Robert and several much loved and eccentric animals including Gruffydd (big brown hound), Percy (female cat), Albert (over large rabbit) and Gamey (‘won at a fair’ goldfish). Her other interests include reading and swimming.

Head of Schoolhouse - Charlotte van der Borg

I have been a full boarder at King William’s College for almost four years now and a couple of weeks ago I received the honour to be elected as the new Head of Colbourne. This was specifically rewarding as Colbourne has given me a large amount of support personally as well as academically. Boarding has offered me many opportunities to thrive through a wide range of activities as well as through boarding tutors that are always willing to help. It has also given me many friends that have become my family. The atmosphere of School House is incredibly welcoming and in a small amount of time and with a wide variety of nationalities, people find their own comfortable place at King William's College. Therefore it did not take long for me to realize that boarding is my “home away from home”.


What the pupils say:

When first I started boarding, I was very unconfident and nervous. Living in a very strong boarding community has made me self-confident and changed me to a whole new person. I have learned English very well and fast just by living in an English environment. House challenges such as House shout, House drama or House music always strengthen the community‘s solidarity. Being part of such a community makes me proud. Joy, Fun and Trust are only some of the words that come to my mind when thinking about boarding whilst there are many more to described boarding. I will never forget this wonderful time in boarding.
Josy Vreden

I started boarding for 4 nights a week. I came into boarding for 10 nights while my parents were away in and I really enjoyed it. I really wanted to board properly so I started flexi-boarding after. It works really well because it means that I can get all of my work done with help from the teachers when I need it, but I can continue with my activities that I do outside of school. I love boarding because you always have your friends around and it is a great way to enjoy school. I would recommend it to anyone!!
Louise Coase

A day in my life in boarding:

I came to King William’s College from Germany as a boarder. As an example of a usual day in boarding, I am going to tell you what I do on Tuesdays.

A day in boarding starts for me a 0700 in the morning, I meet my friends at breakfast at 0730. School itself starts at 0830 and on Tuesdays it starts with morning chapel where we sit in our houses and sing hymns and pray together.

After chapel we have lessons until morning break at 1050 and then three more lessons until our lunch break at 1310.  At lunch there is the opportunity to do various different activities, sit with your friends in the year centres or do some work if you want to. Boarders have a chance to go back to our houses at 1400.

School ends at 1620 and while my friends usually stay in or go to Castletown, I go to work experience on Tuesdays. I work at a veterinary surgery because I am thinking about becoming a vet.

Dinner is at 1800 and after that we have house prayers where our housemistress talks to us about what is happening in the week and everybody has the chance to say anything they want to talk about to the whole house community. In the evenings we have prep from 1900 till 2100 where we stay in our rooms and do all our homework. If we have any problems we can always ask the teacher on duty to help us.

I then sit with friends and we watch movies. Bedtime is at 2215 for lower sixth.
Victoria Frank