Colbourne - boys

Colbourne House has space for 60 boys in a comfortable and spacious two floor boarding house and 2 other satellite boarding units, the Hundred and Jackson House. All boarders are accommodated in double or single rooms with one larger three man room for Fourth Formers, which ensures rapid integration. All Upper Sixth Formers are guaranteed a single room to make studying as easy as possible. There is a Junior Common Room for Upper Fifth and younger and a Senior Common Room for the Sixth Form. Kitchen facilities are also available for all year groups. A large Games Room is constantly used to hone the boarders’ snooker and table tennis skills. The Housemaster and his wife, Edmund and Sara Jeffers live right next door to Colbourne with an interconnecting study. Wendy Lang, the Housemother, lives in a flat upstairs as well.


Colbourne Head of House

Paul Zeiss

My name is Paul Zeiss and I am Head of House in Colbourne. I joined King William’s College in 2011. I was elected Head of House in March 2013. Being elected as Head of Colbourne was a big honour and a great achievement since I was only a member of Colbourne for 2 years. In these two years I learned the greatest values of Colbourne, which are respect and equality for every member. Colbourne is the place where you meet the kind of friends, which will be connected to you your whole life. In this house you interact with other pupils and also with the teachers and tutors, which are there for you all the time to offer help and support. The mixture between wonderful friends and great tutors makes Colbourne a big and unique family. These values help me to get through the difficulties of the IB. Colbourne has a unique place in my heart and I will always feel at home in this great house.