Boarding daily routine



The day begins with a bell being rung around 7:15 am. This allows borders to shower and dress in time for breakfast in the Barrovian Dining Hall between 7:30 and 8:00. After breakfast it’s back to house to tidy one’s room and prepare for lessons. By 8:25 all boarders should be out of the boarding house and in the year group centres to register.


Upper Sixth formers are allowed back to the boarding house from 1:00 pm onwards as a privilege. All other boarders should be socialising with their peers or taking part in the various activities on offer. At 1.45 pm boarders are allowed back to house to collect their books for lessons or to get changed for games ready for 2:20 pm.


Lessons and games finish at 4:20 pm. Younger boarders have activities such as cookery, bridge, dog walking, bicycle maintenance, etc. to keep them occupied. There are many other College activities on offer as well. Older boarders are allowed to walk into Castletown with staff permission.

Early Evenings

Supper is at 6:00 pm and both houses gather separately at 6:45 for House Prayers. The duty member of staff gives out notices, pupils are encouraged to contribute and finally a prayer is said. There is prep in the Library for Fourth and Fifth form pupils supervised by a member of staff. Sixth form pupils can choose to work in house, the Sixth Form Study Centre, the Scholl Library or the Walker Library. 

After Prep

Once boarders have completed their prep they are free to visit the other boarding house or maybe play basketball, football or go for a swim. Wednesday night is games night organised by the Sixth Form. By 10:30 pm all boarders are in their own rooms and lights out is 10:45 for the Upper Sixth.


Boarders can have breakfast from 8:00 am in the Barrovian Dining Hall. On Saturdays there are frequent Study Mornings for Upper Fifth, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth form pupils which run from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Lunch is at 12:30 pm. On Sundays the boarders can have a well deserved lie-in before Brunch at 11:30 am. Supper on both days is at 5.30 pm. At weekends boarders can choose to take part in various activities on offer at the weekend. Paintballing, karting, bowling, mountain biking, visits to local historical sites or just a nice lunch out are examples of what is on offer.

Exeat permission

Boarders are often invited out by families on the island. The Housemaster/mistress must have written permission (usually in the form of an email) from both sets of parents by Thursday evening. Boarders must return to College by 9:00 pm on Sunday evening.